Security service

Fountain Security Service is a security service provider in Ethiopia established in 2009 G.C. It is structured by long time military based background staffs and educated entrepreneurs and it is functional everywhere in Ethiopia. Fountain Security service department has key security officers that have long life national and international experience in Ethiopian defense force, United Nations peacekeeping and intelligence activities. In addition to this, Professional supervisors and commanders supervise and safe guarding 24hours a day and 7 days a week for customer premises and property. To undertake the guarding activity in right manner, fountain uses its own standard uniform and equipped its sites with materials like stand by vehicles, under vehicles searching glasses, whistles, batons, metal detectors etc.


We provide induction courses on different topics for newly hired security guards and upgrading their skills and experience for permanent security guards by providing on job training, refreshment training and capacity building on both mentally and physically training.

Types of service we provide are as follows:

  • Security guard service
  • Executive protection service
  • Event security service
  • Roadside emergency assistance
  • Investigation service
  • Providing security guard courses for companies

Prominent customers:

  • Federal technical and vocational institute
  • Peace and life institute
  • Danish refugee counsel
  • United Nations High Commission for refugee

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