Fountain International has great roles and responsibilities for the development of Landscaping/ Gardening/ services for the last Ten solid years in Addis Ababa as well as regions since 2009 G.C. The predicted landscaping work which will be applied at Addis Ababa area and region cities. Ensure quality and high standard landscaping performances will be applied on the specified area. To realize this, the entire landscaping work will consider standard beautification and development works and management of the landside area with the overall arrangements of the following.

  • Lawn area
  • Trees and shrub areas
  • Flower and arbor areas
  • Rock garden
  • Ground cover areas
  • Climbers, Hedge plants, Herbs areas
  • Indoor garden
  • Walk ways, Tukuls, park seats areas
  • Landscape lighting areas
  • Irrigation water technology application areas and
  • Others

By taking remedial actions as per the study and analyze the overall behavior of the land, weather, water, and other factors.

Service we provide:-

  • Beautify organizations, parks, home and surroundings with grasses, flowers, trees and others
  • Supplying compost & favorable soils for gardening
  • Lawn establishment
  • General landscaping maintenance
  • Making fountains & obelisks
  • Nursery business and
  • Giving trainings and consulting on landscaping which mitigate and adopt global warming.

Objectives of Landscaping/Gardening/

In order to attain the ultimate objective and address the needs of the organization, this work aims at achieving the following specific objectives.

  • Make attractive, pleasant, and aesthetic appeal of the landscaping area.
  • Develop a favorable recreational center to all users
  • Make the area evergreen, cool, which can give therapeutic believe (psychological treatment to users)
  • Make the area to be protected from unwanted dust, sound and other disturbances.
  • To improve different plots by landscape development, installation of facilities (walk ways, curve stones..) and increasing the vegetation cover and flower plantation rather than whole maintenance services only.
  • To make the area is the center of attraction and others and
  • Contribute for combating global warming.

Prominent customers:

  • Federal transport authority
  • Ethiopian civil aviation authority
  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO)
  • Press agency
  • Ethiopian science academy
  • National Bank of Ethiopia

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